About Dinoart

DinoArt is an artistic approach to help support holistic brain development in children. The concept aims at stimulating the right brain hemisphere, widely known as the seat of intelligence, by exploring imagination and creativity through fun-filled art classes. We believe every child is born with innate talents backed by the infinite universal intelligence. We only help discover the Artist within your child.

By focusing on dexterity of hands and fine motor skills development such as holding a pencil, crayon, brush greatly improves hand-eye coordination. The practice of light art work like cutting, pasting and drawing helps the development of imagination, creativity, perception of space, and problem solving skills. Research has shown that memorization of numbers and letters is far less useful at this stage of development than pursuits that encourage fine motor abilities and hand-eye coordination.

How DinoArt benefits holistic brain development:

DinoArt is designed to stimulate the creativity of young learners. They will learn not only drawing skills but also paper craft, fabric painting and magic clay modeling and to use different types of art media. To know more about what is taught in each level, please check under ‘Course Structure’.

DinoArt activates the creative and intuitive part of our brain. It jumps over the linear and logical thinking process and trains the brain to shift into thinking differently and approach old problems in new ways. It trains the brain to think out of the box and thus helps children understand concepts with greater ease.

Dino Art is a novel way of expressing ideas. It has been accepted very easily by children who bring in their creativity in paper. Children have learnt a lot of techniques to convert a simple picture into a scenery or even a modern art. All this would be possible only under the guidance of a good teacher and Dino Art is lucky to have Murugesh sir to take it vision forward. On the other hand I do feel that there are a lot of areas which have been left unaddressed. It has to strive to bring out the best in every child by encouraging their thoughts and taking parent's suggestions. Only the cream of the children come out successfully and for the rest it is just another class that children are being pushed into. We hope Dino Art would improve in the weak areas and draw more children into this wonderful Art World.