Directors Message

UCMAS, renowned worldwide for the exceptional skill development programs and recognized as the pioneer in Mental Arithmetic program, is proud to present a new program-Dinoart, an art program based on the principle of holistic brain development in children through developing their foundation skills. Dinoart aims to unleash the hidden artist in each and every child by nurturing their innate creative talents.

With credit to my 30 years teaching experience and my personal joy as a grand-parent, I would advise parents to let your children explore their artistic and creative talents as art is a means of beautiful communication. I am always driven by a passion to do more than what regular school curriculum does for the children of UAE. DinoArt stands for more than art, it is a process of systematically training children to use their right brain which is the seat of creativity. By encouraging them to observe their surroundings and reproduce their observations in class, we are indirectly stimulating their creative powers. Clay modeling encourages deft finger movements which again develops gross motor skills. These are a few examples of how DINOART develops creativity in children.

I am delighted to welcome all children to be part of this wonderful program and help parents realize the artist within their child!

Mrs. Soundari Raj